Do The Work !.

Autumn Leaves.

We are now starting to see the beautiful Autumn colours arrive into the countryside around us. I don’t have a favourite season as I can find something good in all but I do love watching the change of colours in Autumn. My September has been a busy and exciting month. We had back to school for Sid, who has gone into 4th class already. I have sold some of my paintings and they have gone to their new homes and I decided to try some art and craft fairs over the coming few months with a friend of mine. We have put our names down for three fairs between now and December. We are total newbies to the art and craft fair world but I am excited to see how we get on with our work. I also now have some of my work in a second Gallery in Wicklow Town which I am excited about.

The other big thing that happened in September is I had an interview to be part of a world wide art collective. I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of Thrive Art Studio , it is an art studio based in Vancouver Canada. They also have an online community for those of us who live a long way from Vancouver. I have listened to their podcast for ages, Thrive talks, but was always fascinated with their mastermind groups. When they talked on the podcast there was always such a sense of community and support for each other and I wanted in on it.

It took me ages to pluck up the courage to apply to become a member of a mastermind group. I told myself I didn’t have the experience yet to be part of one, I wasn’t well known enough to ask to join one and I wasn’t really sure what I could bring to a mastermind group. Then I reached a stage where I just felt I had to ask for an interview and sure what was the worst they could say, sorry we don’t think you would suit our art studio.

So with my interview date set I spent over a week worrying I wouldn’t make the cut. I also looked up their website to see if there were any other Irish artists there and no there isn’t so told myself they were not going to pick a total beginner like me. Then the call came all the way from Vancouver with the beautiful Nadia. She made me feel totally relaxed and at ease. Not once did I feel out of my depth or uncomfortable but I was a bag of nerves !. At the end of the interview Nadia thanked me and offered me, little old me ! a place on their April 2020 mastermind group. As I type this I am the only Irish artist to be part of this online community of powerful, talented and supportive women from all over the world. Jamie and Tara , Thrive’s founders have inspired me over the last few months, to as they say “ Do The Work” and I am seeing that slowly things start to fall into place. I am delighted to have a group now where I can ask questions and get and give support. Roll on April 2020!!.

The last thing that has happened is my Art classes are back on on a Monday night. I went back to the beginners class because I really enjoy the teacher and the group are a nice one. When you write down your month you can see just how much little things you can achieve in a month.

How has your Month been ? Good I hope. Also I now have a newsletter where I will be sharing some other bits from the month and some more personal stuff as it happens so make sure you sign up below.