Finding A Space To Be Creative.

art supplies pic.JPG

Over the last few weeks I am finding that not only is it really important to find time each day to create it is equally important to find the space to create. We are not all blessed with a spare room in our house that can be converted into a space to be creative. Nor are we all blessed with some spare money to build a creative space outside. Most of us are limited to the kitchen table or somewhere like that. The kitchen table is where i do all my art because thats the only space I have. The other problem to being creative is a busy house. Our house has a constant stream of people in and out seven days a week. The only time of the week it is just us in the house is a Saturday and Sunday afternoon. You can’t be creative at your kitchen table when there are other people sitting around trying to chat to you while you try to concentrate, or I can’t anyway.

This was starting to stress me out because anytime I wanted to be creative not only did I have to haul out all my supplies and set them up on the table I also had to work around having loads of people coming and going. What’s also hard about the kitchen table setup is that if you are on a roll and need to make dinner for example you have to tidy everything away. Then when you come back to it you need to haul all your stuff out again, this is a real test on your motivation.

Then the Irish weather eventually decided to warm up a little and I have started to paint outside on our picnic bench. Yes I still have to haul all my supplies around every time I want to do something and now while the weather is good I have to haul them all outside but I found a space to create. It’s a space that isn’t as busy as inside the house and I am getting fresh air. Do I see this being the situation forever ? NO !!!. I couldn’t stay hauling all my supplies out every time I want to paint or doodle in the long run. I still think you need a dedicated creative space where you can leave what you are doing half way through and not have to tidy everything away, a place you can come back to hours later and just pick up where you left off and a space just for you. I need a space where I can lock out the world if I want, turn on some music or a podcast and paint or doodle to my hearts content.

So my long term goal, really long term goal is to have my own creative space. A small place nothing huge or overly expensive. This is what I have in mind for the future.


This beautiful space is from and I think it’s roughly around 4000.00 euro. Now thats a huge amount of money and as you can see it will take a lot of saving and art sales to ever reach that amount but at least I have a focus to work towards. Maybe I will start a gofund me page and give everyone who helps a painting !. All joking aside, I do think to be truly creative you need a space for it. Maybe not a huge space but you do need a little space where you can leave your supplies, where you can relax and where you have peace.

I am off to dream of my little studio and all the wonderful things I could create there if I had one.

Where do you create? Do you have a space? Do you feel you need one if you don’t have one ?