Finding Time To Create.

Art supplies

This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend which for me means I have a two day weekend. My normal weekend is just one day as I teach horse riding on a Saturday so that just leaves me a Sunday. We normally try to have family time on a Sunday so that also leaves very little me time. This weekend though things were different. I planned to spend most of Sunday and today being creative. I had stored up a week of ideas and had some pieces I had to get done. It was going to be a full two days of all things art.

So yesterday I got up fairly early got a few things done around the yard and house and was ready by nine to get started. As I don’t have a designated space for myself yet I turned half of the kitchen table into my own little studio. I worked my way through paintings for cards and as I was doing this I was asked to do a commission. The ideas for that filled my head as I created little watercolours for the cards. As the day went on I took a break and headed for some lunch but left out all my supplies so when I came back I just fell back into the flow and worked away till after 5pm. I felt relaxed, excited for more and had the most enjoyable day.

So I was excited to get started again this morning and start on my commission piece. But today didn’t work the same at all. My morning was taken up with mucking out, then housework, then I sprayed all the weeds outside. Also the house was busy again today so I couldn’t set up my studio and just paint. To paint I need a certain amount of space and peace but when the house is full that’s not an option. So my creative time today had to wait till after lunch and then I just didn’t feel it. I couldn’t get into the flow, I had no idea of what to do and I just felt tired. I had such a good day yesterday and then today nearly nothing. When I woke up I was all ready to paint when my outside jobs were done but when that time came the house wasn’t free.

So I gave up and put all my supplies back into their boxes till I don’t know when. Even now as I write this I am wondering where, when and how I am going to stay on this adventure I have found myself on over the last few weeks. Where will I find the space to create ? because as I look at my to do list and times our house is free there isn’t a lot if any spare time. Then I wondered was it just the time of day ? am I a morning creator and not an afternoon one. That is possibly why I couldn’t get into the flow of it today. Or was it just as simple as I had over done it yesterday and I should really have taken today off ? .

I don’t know to be honest and I think it will be a thing I will think about often. I do know I would love my own space to create because our house is a busy one full of different people and you can’t create with a constant stream of people and talk. My own space isn’t an option for a long time so this is going to have an effect on how many creative things I can fit in. I am a morning person and love getting all my jobs done and out of the way early in the morning. But in saying that I know if I did some art first thing instead of mucking out I probably wouldn’t want to muck out later so I am caught there.

This week coming I think is going to be a week for finding my routine one that does include creating at least once a day. I would love to hear if these things have effected you and how you over came them so you could create?