How Do I Ask This ?


There are somethings that are so easy to ask people. Some people you can ask anything ( I am one of those) then there are people you can’t ask anything of. Well today I am going to ask you all something and I hope you might join me. Recently I posted about this on my Instagram stories and my Facebook page but the link didn’t work so today I am going to talk about it here.

Over the summer I joined Patreon but then decided against sharing my link. I chicken out and just left it sitting there. For anyone that doesn’t know what Patreon is it’s a little like crowd funding only with this you become a Patreon. It is a site used by creative people to build a community of supportive Patreons which help them then to continue their creative work. You become a Patreon of the arts just like all artists had years ago.

If you decided to become a Patreon there are different levels each with its own monthly reward for the Patreon depending on which one they pick. I HATE asking for money but I feel that this is a little more, I want this to be a community where we can all chat and share. I don’t want it to be just about a subscription I want it to be so much more. I even have a private Snapchat group set up and ready to go just waiting for some people to join me.

So for those who do decide to come and support me you can find me here . All you need to do then is choose a tier that suits you and thats it !. I do hope some of you guys will join me because this is such a hard thing to ask and it has taken me MONTHS to get to this point.

Thank you in advance to those who do sign up I look forward to sharing so much more of my art journey with just you .

Elaine x