My Biggest Canvas So Far.


This started out as an Idea that sprung to mind when I was doing art camp. All the kids were so free with colour and shapes, a freedom that sometimes I was afraid of. The walls of the stables were just bare block walls and over the years of weather they had started to look green, brown and just dirty looking. So I thought it would be a good idea to paint the walls of the stables to brighten up our yard coming into the dull winter months. I ran the idea and a few drawings of my idea past the two girls that help me in the yard and they also loved the idea.

When the final idea was set in my mind it was off to get wall paint and Montana spray paints in their infra colours. I wanted a base colour on the wall as dark as I could get mixed, cost was a factor. So we managed to get a dark grey mixed for the walls.


When the walls were all painted in our grey it was time to mark out our design. I wanted a design that could continue to the next wall as there is a gap in the middle but I also wanted an abstract design. With the help of the girls we marked out random shapes on the walls with tape. When this was done and we were happy with the shapes it was time to put some colour on the wall.

If you do any art or creating at all you will know that feeling of making the first mark on a blank page. That nervous energy and feeling of what if this just turns to crap. I stood in front of that wall for a good five minutes with paint can in hand wondering if this was a good idea after all !.

Then I just started to spray that paint on and all the colours fell into place. It is the biggest piece of art I have ever done. The next nerve wracking stage was taking the tape off. All fingers were crossed that no paint had escaped under the tape, we were lucky it was all where it was suppose to be.

The two stable walls paint have made such a difference to the yard. It’s so much brighter, it gives people something to talk about and it brings my art outside where I can see it everyday. I was so nervous that it would be a disaster and that I didn’t have enough experience to do it but it turned out just fine.

Now I have set my sights on the rest of the walls in the yard over the coming year and see can we brighten up the whole place. If I had listened to my nerves I would never have tried this and would never have seen I could paint my biggest canvas so far.