Summers End.


How have you all been ? how was your Summer ? . I can’t believe its all over already !. That has got to be the fastest eight weeks of no school ever. Today Sid is back to school and heading into 4th class after having a great summer and he didn’t mind at all ! I hated going back after the summer. I found this summer taking time out from social media freed up so much time to just enjoy my days. I was free to just watch the world go by and it was nice to just be with family without the phone distraction. We did loads over the weeks off, we went to the beach a lot, went on holidays to county Clare, we rode the horses more and just hung out somedays doing very little.

It was also nice that it was just us as a family for most of the summer. The one thing that I didn’t do much of was my art. I did find it hard to settle to create, even though I have a very large canvas to finish, I just couldn’t settle. So to get back on track with it I have booked into a night class for beginners art which is starting near the end of September. I also have a routine in place which I hope will help me reach on all the things I want to do now my mornings would be free when school is back.

So what did you guys all do ? Did you have a good summer ?