Time Out From Social Media.


I haven’t had much time to post here since I started this little blog life and to be honest art has gotten in the way. A new journey is always exciting with so many things to do that at the moment I am really trying to find a direction. A direction for my art and a direction for the best use of social media. Social media is a great tool to use not only to show what you create but to meet some really great people. Over the years I have made some life long friends but the other thing social media is great for is sucking you down a scroll hole for hours !. A hole so deep at times you lose focus of what you were doing in the first place. I have found myself stuck in these holes some days and it just exhausts you.

I have tracked my social media use over the last few months and on an average day I spend three hours on my phone ! three hours !!!! what a waste of time. What other things could I do with three hours a day ? well thats what I am going to find out over the coming weeks. On Friday the schools here close for eight weeks of the summer holidays. All primary school kids are home so I am going to use these eight weeks to quit my social media addiction.

There are a few things I want to do like work out a plan for my social media use from September. A routine that will allow me to share as much as I can in the least amount of time per day. I want it to be social but not addictive. I want to over the eight weeks have a plan for my art, a sense of direction that I want to go in and a plan to get there. I want to create everyday and read more and not on my phone. As I sit here now and write this I am nearly able to regret this idea. Only five more days with my phone then it’s cold turkey for the summer except of course if something amazing happens then I will share that.

This will be such a challenge for me, no twitter, no Instagram, no Youtube or Facebook ! . I am going to move all my apps to one large folder on my phone and then move it off my home screen and this week I will start to use them less. I am looking forward to having more head space and maybe setting a whole new set of habits for myself.

So have a good summer everyone, make time to do what you love and I will see you back here in September !